Friday, August 31, 2012

A Day Painting in Newport, Rhode Island

   I finally took a day and drove down to Newport, Rhode Island, one of my favorite places to visit and hang out in. I got a late start, since I am NOT a morning person, but managed to get three paintings in on this beautiful, low humidity day. Because of my lateness, I didn't get to paint with Jonathan McPhillips who was painting on the cliffwalk.
  I was happy to find some free parking right away and decided to paint near my car. I ended up at the boardwalk on Bannister Wharf in the heart of Newport Harbor. It wasn't too hot, but I didn't want to stand in the sun. After walking around for a half hour, I found a nice shady spot and started painting the charming Black Pearl Restaurant.
   I had lots of visiters checking out my work. I love talking to the people who are curious about my work. I hope you never feel afraid to approach me. It is my favorite part about painting "alla prima"! I think everyone was impressed with the piece. I had lots of interest. I am sure this painting will go fast at the Nancy Isherwood Gallery in Newport where I will bring it when it dries.
  From there I took and drive down Ocean Ave and because the day was flying by, I just stopped at my favorite vista and painted it from a different direction instead of wasting the day looking for something better. I was actually happy with the outcome of this piece. I loved the back lighting. Again, lots of people came by to see what I was doing. Being so close to the road is always a rush!
   I was going to go home after this feeling tired, but I pushed through and decided to just drive around and take pictures. I found the beautiful Fort Adams and drove in. I was awestruck by the beauty there and could have painted there all day. Plus the free parking and clean bathrooms, I decided to stay. I was pleased to see another artist there finishing up although I didn't know him.
   I didn't want to waste time since the sun was setting, so I took a quick look around and painted the bridge with the huge sailboats floating by. There was so much to see. There was some men dressed in old colonial outfits setting off canons...
I had a wonderful time. If I had brought dinner, I probably would have gotten one more in. The sun went down in a beautiful red ball and the full moon came out looking gorgeous too. The worst part of these painting days is driving home in the dark exhausted.



  1. Looks like you had a great day! I ended up spending tons of time at the gallery (doing math - trying to keep the paintings to a certain square footage). Please call me BEFORE the day - and I'll move things around - maybe go to Jamestown? Or there's just plenty of places to go... these are great pieces, I'm sure they'll go fast!

  2. I know Kelley. It's even worse doing it on a great day like yesterday! I never know what I am going to do until the last minute. We'll get together one of these days!