Friday, August 31, 2012

A Day Painting in Newport, Rhode Island

   I finally took a day and drove down to Newport, Rhode Island, one of my favorite places to visit and hang out in. I got a late start, since I am NOT a morning person, but managed to get three paintings in on this beautiful, low humidity day. Because of my lateness, I didn't get to paint with Jonathan McPhillips who was painting on the cliffwalk.
  I was happy to find some free parking right away and decided to paint near my car. I ended up at the boardwalk on Bannister Wharf in the heart of Newport Harbor. It wasn't too hot, but I didn't want to stand in the sun. After walking around for a half hour, I found a nice shady spot and started painting the charming Black Pearl Restaurant.
   I had lots of visiters checking out my work. I love talking to the people who are curious about my work. I hope you never feel afraid to approach me. It is my favorite part about painting "alla prima"! I think everyone was impressed with the piece. I had lots of interest. I am sure this painting will go fast at the Nancy Isherwood Gallery in Newport where I will bring it when it dries.
  From there I took and drive down Ocean Ave and because the day was flying by, I just stopped at my favorite vista and painted it from a different direction instead of wasting the day looking for something better. I was actually happy with the outcome of this piece. I loved the back lighting. Again, lots of people came by to see what I was doing. Being so close to the road is always a rush!
   I was going to go home after this feeling tired, but I pushed through and decided to just drive around and take pictures. I found the beautiful Fort Adams and drove in. I was awestruck by the beauty there and could have painted there all day. Plus the free parking and clean bathrooms, I decided to stay. I was pleased to see another artist there finishing up although I didn't know him.
   I didn't want to waste time since the sun was setting, so I took a quick look around and painted the bridge with the huge sailboats floating by. There was so much to see. There was some men dressed in old colonial outfits setting off canons...
I had a wonderful time. If I had brought dinner, I probably would have gotten one more in. The sun went down in a beautiful red ball and the full moon came out looking gorgeous too. The worst part of these painting days is driving home in the dark exhausted.


Monday, June 4, 2012

The Copley Society's Annual "Fresh Paint"

 Fresh Paint is the cornerstone event of the Copley Society of Art. First held in 1988, this two week-long event begins on Sunday, May 20th when more than 50 artists set out to the streets of Boston to paint scenes of the city.  By the end of the day, the artists arrived at the gallery having completed their "fresh" creations. Pieces be displayed in the gallery for two weeks, until the final gala event on June 2nd, when all of the pieces will be auctioned for sale.
 Here I am with Caroly Jundzilo who has been painting in the Fresh Paint as long as I have
(23 years!)
I am standing with the "Queen of Fresh Paint" Candace Lovely

Here is the link to my painting in the show.
This is the link to the video made of some of us in action.

The Annual Marblehead Paint Out

Nearly 20 of the finest artists from all over New England will be in Marblehead the week of May 21 as part of the 2012 Arnould Gallery “Plein-Air- Paint-Out.” Look for them at Little Harbor, on the Neck, at the Fort and throughout the streets of our beautiful town searching for just the right composition and just the right light.
These are “Plein Air” artists (French for “open air”) and they have been gathering in Marblehead every spring since 2006. But this year, Yves Parent will not be among them. Parent, one of the finest French marine artists living in the United States, and the man chiefly responsible for bringing his “friends” to Marblehead, died last July after a long battle with cancer.
“It’s not difficult to convince good artists to come to Marblehead,” Parent explained to Arts & More a few years back. “Marblehead is one of the most beautiful Harbors in New England and it even has its own ‘Eiffel Tower’!” he said (referring to the iconic Abbot Hall spire that features dominantly in many of his paintings). “Besides,” he added, “we all enjoy getting together to catch up on each other’s work and to socialize when the day’s painting is done.” This year much of that “catching up” will undoubtedly include remembering Yves.
These artists, whose professional memberships include such distinguished groups as the American Society of Marine Artists, The Copley Society, the International Society of Marine Artists, the Mystic Seaport Master Artists and the Salmagundi Club among many others, are following in the footsteps of Monet and Renoir when they move their easels out of the studio and into the natural light of day. Sergio Roffo, a native of San Donato, Italy, whose luminous work has been inspired by American painters like Inness and Bierstadt explains it this way: “Plein-air work is spontaneous. During the summer I work outdoors as much as I can.”
So, look for them around town. Rain or shine they’ll be here, maybe enjoying the sun on their faces, maybe tucked under a shelter if there’s rain. But they will be here. And they love an audience. So welcome them to the town, maybe direct them to your favorite spot. Ask your questions. Then come to the Arnould Gallery Friday evening, May 25, from 5-7:30 p.m. to meet them all and see for yourselves what beauty these masters have plucked from “Plein-Air” of Marblehead and present for us on their canvases.
“I’m very proud to have these great artists here for our 2012 “Paint Out,” says Arnould. “Their work is some of the finest on display anywhere in New England… and they are here to paint our beautiful town!”
Participating plein-air painters from across New England greet collectors at the Opening Reception. The exhibit remains on display through July 5, and the gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. For more information, contact Gene Arnould at Arnould Gallery, 781-631-6366.

Brechin Morgan, Jim Magner, Patricia Warfield, Sandy Wakeen, Bob Noreika, Me, Mike Graves, Ted Charron, Al Barker! there were more and we couldn't fit them in!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boston to Naples.

I was invited to participate in the annual "Third on Canvas" a fundraiser run by the Englishman Gallery for the benefit of the Children's Hospital. 40 local and national artists were asked to join this wonderful exhibition including John Stobart and Calvin Liang. My busy schedule miraculously cleared so I was able to go and my husband willingly drove the long distance for me. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the trip!We stayed at the Fairmount Inn right near where we had to be and loved our room! I would totally recommend it!
I was stationed on the corner of 13th and 3rd at the St Tropez building. I was pleasantly surprised by friends who came to see me and the many people from Boston I ran into. I guess it is a home away from home for the winter!
After the event, I did these two paintings for myself. Above, "The Long Stroll" has the Naples Pier in the backround. Below, I just turned around to see this typical beautiful beach scene I called "The Sunbathers"

Frank Russen, the gallery manager greeting the artists on our first day with coffee and snacks.
Here is the finished piece I entered into the show. It is a 16 x 20 Oil
Two of my artists friends Pat McCarthy and Ruth Shouller came by to see me!
Kevin Shea, a well known artist from Boston and an old friend was painting on the corner across the street. It was nice to see him again!
Here I am at my post with my many Naples scenes on the ground behind me. You can see all of my paintings at my website
Here is Calvin Liang who came all the way from California to participate in this wonderful show. He was scheduled to do a workshop later in the week.
On the way down to Naples, I had just got behind the drivers seat after my husband did almost the whole trip. We were in the area that recently had a bad car wreck due to the fires where a few people died. All of a sudden I notice no cars on the other side of the road and blue lights ahead. It was a 27 car pile up along the next 10 miles! A few cars crashed, then traffic, then a few more, then more traffic. I never saw anything like it. The traffic went on for miles and miles. I was so glad I wasn't on that side of the road!
On the second day before the show, I took my husband for a walk on the beach. We saw something black floating in the water. I took pictures of it trying to figure out what it was. At first we thought it was a dead dolphin or pelican, but as it floated closer to the shore we saw what we thought was a foot and we realized it was a body!!! A couple joined us and we discussed what we thought we should do. We got the police and he confirmed it. We didn't stick around once he got there because our car would have been blocked in and I had to be at the event. We found out it was a 63 year old woman. It shook us up pretty bad! It was all over the news and papers. Something like this never happens in Naples!
That night, a drunk driver drove into a transformer at the hotel next to ours and it caught on fire. The guests were moved to our hotel and we almost had to leave early!
Things like this seem to follow us everywhere!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 for the 10th

"10 for the 10th"
South Street Gallery
149 South Street
Hingham, Ma
Please, join us for a celebration of 10 years of business
Our 10th anniversary!
Opening with Catered Reception
Friday, February 10th
6 to 9pm
Paintings by 10 artists
Paul Arsenault, Sue Charles, T.A. Charron, Ted Gentry, Jack Hobbs,
Dianne Panarelli Miller, Bill Scott, Diane Scott,
Vcevy Strekalovsky and Michael Weymouth.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bostonia at the South Shore Art Center

BOSTONIA * January 13 - February 12, 2012 Opening Reception January 13, 6 - 8
Dianne will be exhibiting many of her exciting Boston themed paintings along with Joreen Benbenk, Stephen Boczanowski, Roz Farbush, Patricia Gray, Anne Haywood, Jan McElhinny and Isabel Shamitz.
I hope to see you there!