Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boston to Naples.

I was invited to participate in the annual "Third on Canvas" a fundraiser run by the Englishman Gallery for the benefit of the Children's Hospital. 40 local and national artists were asked to join this wonderful exhibition including John Stobart and Calvin Liang. My busy schedule miraculously cleared so I was able to go and my husband willingly drove the long distance for me. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the trip!We stayed at the Fairmount Inn right near where we had to be and loved our room! I would totally recommend it!
I was stationed on the corner of 13th and 3rd at the St Tropez building. I was pleasantly surprised by friends who came to see me and the many people from Boston I ran into. I guess it is a home away from home for the winter!
After the event, I did these two paintings for myself. Above, "The Long Stroll" has the Naples Pier in the backround. Below, I just turned around to see this typical beautiful beach scene I called "The Sunbathers"

Frank Russen, the gallery manager greeting the artists on our first day with coffee and snacks.
Here is the finished piece I entered into the show. It is a 16 x 20 Oil
Two of my artists friends Pat McCarthy and Ruth Shouller came by to see me!
Kevin Shea, a well known artist from Boston and an old friend was painting on the corner across the street. It was nice to see him again!
Here I am at my post with my many Naples scenes on the ground behind me. You can see all of my paintings at my website
Here is Calvin Liang who came all the way from California to participate in this wonderful show. He was scheduled to do a workshop later in the week.
On the way down to Naples, I had just got behind the drivers seat after my husband did almost the whole trip. We were in the area that recently had a bad car wreck due to the fires where a few people died. All of a sudden I notice no cars on the other side of the road and blue lights ahead. It was a 27 car pile up along the next 10 miles! A few cars crashed, then traffic, then a few more, then more traffic. I never saw anything like it. The traffic went on for miles and miles. I was so glad I wasn't on that side of the road!
On the second day before the show, I took my husband for a walk on the beach. We saw something black floating in the water. I took pictures of it trying to figure out what it was. At first we thought it was a dead dolphin or pelican, but as it floated closer to the shore we saw what we thought was a foot and we realized it was a body!!! A couple joined us and we discussed what we thought we should do. We got the police and he confirmed it. We didn't stick around once he got there because our car would have been blocked in and I had to be at the event. We found out it was a 63 year old woman. It shook us up pretty bad! It was all over the news and papers. Something like this never happens in Naples!
That night, a drunk driver drove into a transformer at the hotel next to ours and it caught on fire. The guests were moved to our hotel and we almost had to leave early!
Things like this seem to follow us everywhere!