Monday, May 6, 2013

Painting in Boston

The recent bombings in Boston made me step back and think about how much I love this city. Even though I wasn't there or didn't know any of the people hurt, it affected me deeply. Last year, I painted the exact spot where the bomb went off. I walked those sidewalks many times. I grew up there.
Since then, I have been coming in and trying to make new memories and to inspire those that are around me. I painted in Copley Square as a memorial to the Marathon to enter into the Copley Society's 25th Annual Fresh Paint Auction.
Boston Strong  16 x 20  Oil
Two days after the bombings, the museums were all open. This made me come in to see the Zorn show at the Gardner Museum. After such inspiration, it was easy to go outdoors and paint something beautiful. It was eerie on Comm Ave. Many of the streets were blocked off. But the trees were blooming and people were out trying make sense of everything.
Painting in the Public Gardens I meet many people coming in to take back their city. Everyone seems to be in a great mood and so nice to talk to. I have never seen it so busy in there.
This week was the Walk For Hunger. Again, many of the streets were blocked off, but this time it was for a good reason. I managed to find a spot to park and painted all day in the Gardens. The tulips were in full bloom and amazing to see. It was fun seeing the people posing with the flowers all day.
I will continue to paint in the city, putting the tragedy in the back of my mind, moving forward with positive thoughts.
My best wishes goes out to those who were hurt at the Marathon for a speedy recovery and a normal life.