Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"Got Lunch"
Oil 20 x 24

Copley Society Stone, Bush, Maloney Fresh Paint Scholarship
The Copley Society awarded Dianne the first ever Stone, Bush Maloney Fresh Paint Scholarship
for her long standing membership. This year's event was Dianne's 19th year participating in the "FRESH PAINT" fundraising event.

To see the beautiful video that was made go to www.copleysociety.org/about/videos.htmle .

Second Parish Church
Frank Vining Smith Most Popular VoteDianne is excited to announce that for the second year in a row, she was honored with the Howard Vining Smith Most Popular Award for her oil painting.
"Got Lunch?" won at the annual Second Parish Church Art Event.
"I must say, getting a vote from the public is most rewarding! This painting was always one of my favorites too. The cows look as though you are interrupting a really good meal".
Thanks to all who voted and for all of the hard work by the members of the church!!!

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  1. Dianne, congratulations on these two awards! You must be thrilled! Glad to see things are going well! Welcome to the blogsphere, too!